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Trademark Searches

The Devine Corporation provides quick, accurate and inexpensive online
trademark searches. Unlike many providers, The Devine Corporation
searches are designed to meet the needs of the trademark attorney. For
scanning several trademarks we offer the Basic search which covers the
primary legal areas of trademark and common name opposition. The
intermediate level is designed for more in depth review including Madrid
Protocol applications & marks. This search offers greater coverage than
many other services full common law search. Over twenty foreign,
mostly European, databases can be searched to compliment the Intermediate Search. The full common law search looks at most every area available online. Turn around time on most searches is within 72 hours.
Results are mailed, faxed or e mailed at no additional charge.
Overnight, Priority mail or Express mails are billed at cost.

Search Level Databases Searched Cost

  • Basic: Thomson & Thomson Federal Trademarks
    Thomson & Thomson State Trademarks
    Brands & Their Companies
    Thomas Register
    Dun & Bradstreet Business Directory
    American Business Index Directory
    Domain Names
  • Intermediate: Basic Search plus
    International Register (Madrid Protocol)
    48 trade, brand, product name databases
  • International: Intermediate search plus
    Foreign Trademark databases

  • Full Common Law: Basic Search plus
    International Search plus
    300+ databases covering 10,000+ sources



Other Services

  • Design Search: T & T Federal by codes $ 200 Min.(inquire)
  • Litigation/Infringement: All sources $ 65 / hr + Direct Costs
  • Foreign Trademarks: T & T Foreign trademark $ 200
  • Exact Match: T & T Federal $ 35 each 3 minimum
  • Trademark Watch?: T & T Federal & State $ Inquire

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Gainesville, FL 32635-7891
Phone: (352) 378-3713
Fax: (352) 372-6896
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