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Patent Searches

Patentability Search:

U.S. Patents:

We have access to a variety of resources that allow us to search online the full text of US patents back to 1836. We can search for assignees, inventors and general concepts among other capabilities. We have access to all US patent
copies and can provide those at a nominal fee.

Foreign Patents/Applications:

We access the Derwent World Patent Database to search the PCT member patents and applications. This is a term/subject search of the title, abstracts and uses. All abstracts, etc are in English regardless of country of origin. We can separately search the Japanese and Chinese databases and if need be the EPO database full text.

Scientific Literature:

While the majority of application involve household or utility type items, occasionally there may be a need to check relevant scientific or technical literature. We have access to over 100 unique scientific, technical and engineering database to provide the best coverage in all scientific areas. These databases cover publications worldwide and all titles and abstracts are in English regardless of language of publication.

Patent Search Costs:

The actual cost depend on the subject matter of the patent. Chemical & biological tend to run higher while gadgets run a little lower than average. The averages are as follows:

U.S. Search alone $350.00 Normally does not exceed $450
Foreign $350.00 Normally does not exceed $450
Scientific/Technical $325.00 Normally does not exceed $475

Turnaround Time:

While we generally do it quicker, we ask that we be given 10 business days (2 weeks) from receipt of the patent information to return the results. Results can be sent by fax, e-mail or priority mail at no additional costs. We are willing to work within your time restraints in emergency situations - Bar dates etc.

Additional Services


We scan the US and International patent literature on a regular basis for the appearance of a specific patent, author, assignee, technology or combination. Rates start at $250/year and up.

Market Research/Competitive Intelligence:

Quite often, a client needs to know who their competitors are and what they have been doing. An attorney may need background on a company in order to be better prepared for litigation. In other cases, it is important to see if a phrase has become so common it no should have trademark protection. We can provide this and much more information. Ask us about it.

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