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The Devine Corporation has been established to provide attorneys, companies, individuals, universities and government agencies easy and efficient access to publicly available information. Most of the information is provided by for-fee vendors, but increasingly pertinent information is becoming available on the Internet.

However, knowing there is information on the Internet and being able to find it are very different concepts. Individuals can spend hours 'surfing' the net and coma away with only hours of 'surfing' the net. The Information Highway has a great many roadblocks, off-ramps, detours and dead ends for the casual under to find what they need quickly. Often when an exciting information source is found, it requires an account, password and fee. Once in, new search engines and strategies need to be learned. Searches often result in so much information being retrieved that is is useless or nothing pertinent is retrieved. All this time, you or your staff are utilizing valuable company time to try and find that which may not even be there.

The Devine Corporation (TDC) staff are expert searchers. Knowing where to look is quite often the biggest step to finding the best information. For example, US patent information is available on the Internet, but it is limited in years and scope, hard to get at, requires a firm grasp of boolean logic an takes a lot of time. TDC knows when an Internet search for a for-fee vendor search is best. TDC can save you time and, by doing so, save you money. Money saved becomes profit.

Free up your professional staff to work on client and company business. Let The Devine Corporation handle your information needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Give us a call at (352) 378-3713 today and see how TDC can help your company.

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